Winners 2016

Misha Domozhilov

Mikhail Domozhilov was born in 1982 in Russia. He works in documentary, sports and portrait photography. His work has appeared in various media outlets in Russia and abroad. Mikhail has taken part in a number of exhibitions, including in The Netherlands, Canada, Malaysia, Georgia, Poland, and China. He has won awards in a number of professional competitions. The key subjects of his work are nationalism and nationalists, soccer, unconventional sports, the Ukraine conflict, and heroes. Mikhail also teaches a documentary photography class. He is a director of DocDocDoc school.

1 place
The Compromise


Vitali Smolyanets is a famous Russian lion and tiger tamer who works in the Russian State Circus. In February of 2015 he heroically saved a man in a car accident. However, while dragging the man away to the side of the road, almost pulling him off of the wheels of a moving truck, he got under the wheels himself. Somehow the tamer survived, but he lost both of his legs.