On the Verge

Winners 2015

Ksenia Ivanova

Ksenia Ivanova (St. Petersburg) has been working as a photojournalist since 2014.

She graduated from FotoDepartament.Institute with a certificate in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism (Mikhail Domozhilov, course tutor, 2014) and Power of Environment (Yana Romanova, course tutor, 2015).

Ms. Ivanova won the 1st Prize in Young Russian Photographers 2015 competition, was nominated in Federal Report category in Alexander Yefremov Photojournalism Competition (2015), won the 3rd Prize in Series category in Landmark Point competition (2015). Her works were published in national (Kommersant's Ogonyok Magazine, Takiye Dela Magazine) and international media (Courrier Japon, Meduza.io).

2 place
The Problem

On the Verge

Modern punks are young people of my generation born during Perestroika. They absorbed the uncertainty and hopelessness of the epoch, when the old ideology collapsed, and the new one hadnot been formed yet. Many of them experienced violence in childhood, social pressure, suffered from alcohol and drug addiction of their parents. But unlike the others, they are not silent, they declare  their discontent openly, exposing the problems of contemporary society.