We Are Still Here

Winners 2020

Jesper Houborg

Jesper Houborg is an award-winning visual journalist with an ethnographic background based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jasper sees vulnerability as a driving force to explore the self and others as a way to understand, to give dignity to the outskirt of society, to issues being underrepresented.  With a focus on the relationship between the Global North and Global South, Houborg seek to explore social issues related to representation, identity, human rights, power and politics.

2 place
The Compromise

We Are Still Here

"If you are a maid or a gardener, you are still dependent on a master. That kind of mentality ruined us. For the last many years, we have been colonized by our own. It is our generation's challenge to change that", says Stanley, a young entrepreneur and farmer from Harare. 

A country is known for Victoria Falls, Safari Parks, decades of economic hardship and political oppression under Robert Mugabe's 37 years of dictatorship, one of the last countries in Africa to gain independence in 1980.  "We are still here" is a visual investigation of the collective spirit - zeitgeist - of a young nation highly underreported due to a tightly closed media space. In July 2018, after Mugabe's fall and recent death, a new government took over, giving hope for change. However, the latest economic development, resolving in hyperinflation up to 500 percent, has challenged this belief. 

This project is driven by the curiosity to understand the postcolonial legacy and identity by diving into the world of everyday life in urban parts of Zimbabwe.