No shame

Winners 2020

Mary Gelman

Mary Gelman is a documentary photographer and sociologist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She is also a member of the VII Photo Agency. In personal projects, Maria aims to explore such issues as gender identity, sexuality, and discrimination; the relationship between humans with the environment.

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The Problem

No shame

The problem of discrimination against fat people in Russia is not made up.

Thay face multiple problems: rejections when applying for jobs, medical workers have a prejudiced attitude towards them, lack of large size clothing in stores, media doesn't represent them positively. They got paid less, being bullied and shamed. It seems like the world decided that they shouldn't exist.

Being overweight in modern society is not just a body type.

By default, being fat implies that a person is lazy, weak, stupid, lacks motivation, and spoiled. It's assumed that such a person would never be truly loved, would never have a happy family, friends and a dream job.

"No Shame" features various stories of overweight people from Russia who either experienced "fat-shaming" in the past or still face it. The subjects of this project are people of different genders, sexual orientations and occupations. They don't want to stay silent and tolerate the issue, that poison lives of millions.