Waiting girls

Winners 2017

Sadegh Souri

Sadegh Souri was born on July, 29, 1985 in Nahavand city Hamedan province of Iran. He is associated of degree in photography & cinematography of University of applied science and technology. 3rd grade artistic certificate in photography equal as BA photography from ministry of culture and islamic guidance of Iran. He started art activity from 2005 and the establishment of four solo exhibitions in 2009,2011,2012. He is cinematographer especially in documentary cinema of Iran and in more than 50 documentary films. He is member of Iranian youth cinema society, National Iranian photographers society, Iranian photojournalists association

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The Conflict

Waiting girls

In Iran, death penalty is given to the children for the crimes such as murder, drug trafficking, and armed robbery. According to the Islamic Penal Law, the age when girls are held accountable for their crimes is 9 years old, while the international conventions have banned the death penalty for individuals under 18. Pursuant to the passing of new laws in the recent years, the Iranian Judiciary System detains children in Juvenile Delinquents Correction Centre after their verdict. Those with minor crimes are freed after spending their term and those who are sentenced to death are hanged after reaching 18 if the next of kin (private complainants) do not take back their complaints. At the time of the shooting, some girls were waiting for their execution. However, some of the next of kin (private complainants) withdrew their complaints and some of the girls were freed. They are living their normal life now. And this project still continues.