The Hunting

Winners 2015

Ramil Sitdikov

Ramil Sitdikov was born in 1986 in Moscow.

He graduated from Moscow Institute for Social Psychology with a degree in Information Systems and Economics. He became fascinated with art of photography at the end of 2009. He studied at First National Television School and Moscow State University receiving a degree in photojournalism.

He's been employed as a staff news photographer by RIA Novosti since 2012.

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The Conflict

The Hunting

After several reforms in the police forces implemented in the past few years in Russia, the number of police officers has decreased practically by a half. The lack of officers is felt  in all the departments from the traffic police to the drug control service. This appears particularly alarming against the backdrop of  a consistently deteriorating criminal situation in Russia.

In  summer 2014, there were a series of seemingly senseless and ruthless killings on Moscow region motorways. More than fourteen drivers were murdered. After a few months of unsuccessful search by the police, some outraged local street-racers ganged together to handle the problem in their own sweet way.