Hidden War in The Land Of Mountains

Shortlist 2016

Maria Turchenkova

After five years of radio journalism, Maria took up photography in 2011 and started with documenting political and social issues in Moscow. Since then she reports from the remote places, working on editorial feature stories as well as conducting her personal projects. As documentary photographer she explores mostly underreported stories. In 2012-2012 she has been working independently on a long-term project Hidden War In The Land Of Mountainsin Dagestan, North Caucasus, Russia. During 2014 she reported extensively from Ukraine. Recently her attention focused on reporting from the Middle East. Her photographic investigation looks into the causes and effects of extreme violence and injustice. Maria Turchenkovas work has appeared in TIME Magazine, Le Monde, NYT, The Guardian, Der Speigel, Newsweek Magazine , The Times, La Repubblica, Russian Reporter, Novaya Gazeta, MEDUZA, ARTE TV and others.

The Conflict

Hidden War in The Land Of Mountains

The Republic of Dagestan, in the North Caucasus, is a part of the Russian Federation. Being special historically, culturally and ethnically now it suffers with the consequences of the wars in neighboring Chechnya, with the uprising of jihadists and governmental forces fighting it with harsh methods, which keeps Dagestan in the circle of violence for the past 10 years. Dagestan remains the undisputed leader in the number of victims of the conflict among the regions of North Caucasus with more than 3000 people during past 5 years. My aim is to show all the contradictions making up the modern society here, to show how the Caucasus are changing, how the conflict affects life of people, while shootings, bomb blasts and other acts of violence happen on daily basis. With the stories of everyday life I'm trying to build the nowadays image of restless Dagestan. (2012-now)