Path away

Shortlist 2021

Nicolo Filippo Rosso

Nicolo Filippo Rosso is an Italian documentary photographer based in Colombia. Since 2016, Nicolo has been documenting coal mining and its impact on the land and people of Colombia's La Guajira peninsula. This work has been exhibited worldwide, and it has appeared in numerous magazines and newspaper publications. Currently, Nicolo is focused on documenting the migration in Colombia, where Venezuelans cross the border heading to other Latin-American countries.

The Problem

Path away

The Americas are experiencing the most significant wave of migration of the last two decades directed to the United States. Hurricanes Eta and Iota hit Central America in November 2020, leaving 4.5 million victims of flooding and mudslides. After losing their homes, many decided to emigrate in search of a better future. Others escape endemic poverty and violence, the main drivers of forced displacement. Along the migration routes of Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico, people from South and Central America, Haiti, Asia, and Africa merge into a unique path directed to the north. The pandemic has made the crossing more difficult than during the previous years. International aid is scant, and many migrant shelters and charity refectories closed their doors to avoid contagion. Moreover, people's asylum claims are often denied with arguments based on Title 42, a US statute that allows the expulsion of migrants from a country where a virus such as Covid-19 is present.