The Arctic is timeless

Shortlist 2021

Andrey Shapran

Andrey Shapran is a professional photographer, a member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia since 2002. He has lived and worked in Siberia, in the Far North and the Far East since 1992. He works on his documentary projects. Shapran is a participant and prize-winner of regional, Russian and international photo contests, festivals and exhibitions held in Russia and abroad.

The Problem

The Arctic is timeless

This work was started in 2015 by accident - I flew to the Arctic to shoot a story about polar bears and the "bear patrol," but, as is often the case in the Far North, the bad weather made its adjustments: a blizzard continued for two months without stopping. There were no bears, but the abandoned nearby village of Cape Schmidt turned out to be a favourable place where one could quickly shoot a film about an environmental disaster. Given by people to the power of the wild elements, Cape Schmidt, like many other northern territories, is the result of many years of "development " of the Far North during the Soviet period. This territory became the basis of the author's project about the Arctic in 2015 and was continued in 2017, when I managed to return to Chukotka again.