Where do elephants go to die

Shortlist 2021

Matjaz Krivic

Matjaz Krivic is a documentary photographer who works on social and environmental issues around the world. For 20 years, he travelled worldwide, capturing stories of people and places. His personal and aesthetically moving style won him several prestigious awards, such as the World Press Photo award.

The Compromise

Where do elephants go to die

In April 2021, African elephants were once again listed as an endangered species. However, in Samburu National Reserve, the elephants are thriving. I have joined local rangers and their foreign instructors for a week of special anti-poaching training. This project is a story of survival of the species: from a young female elephant killed by local herders, to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, from the fight against poaching to the challenges related to climate change, from the story of tracking, mapping and preserving to the integration of the traditional local communities. The story of conflict and survival where African Elephants are thriving with the help of conservationists, rangers, NGOs and local communities. Zero tolerance to poaching and harsh legislation had indeed been a game-changer in Kenya. However, protecting the elephants will not be easy, said 40 years old Samburu ranger, Mike, primarily due to climate change-related increasing human-wildlife conflicts.