The Forbidden Love

Shortlist 2021

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan is a Bangladesh-based photographer who won hundreds of photographic competitions worldwide, including the Lucie Award, Human Rights Press Award, and Allard Prize. Hasan holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Photography from Falmouth University, an Undergraduate Certificate in Art History from Oxford University, a PGD in Photojournalism from Ateneo de Manila University and graduated in Filmmaking from the University of Sydney. He is currently pursuing a Certificate in Creative Practices at the International Center of Photography. CLAIR Galerie represents him.

The Problem

The Forbidden Love

"I grow up in terrible loneliness. I wanted to talk to someone, but no one was there to listen to me. I left home knowing that no one would come to take me back. I have never lived a normal life. Furthermore, love has always been forbidden" - Lara (23), a transwoman. At the beginning of hormone replacement therapy Lara faced difficulties. However, she is determined to continue transforming herself.
Nevertheless, that does not change how society views Lara. In Bangladesh, transgender people are subject to extensive daily abuse, abandoned by family and friends. Existing in a transphobic society is a barrier to enlightenment as a person in life. The photo story attempts to find an infinite and beautiful gradient of the representation of love, beyond gender identities and the reflection of their personas. The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the LGBTQ+ community at the edge. The economic crisis has put them in helplessness and survival issues.