Sombre Caste

Shortlist 2020

Antonios Pasvantis

Antonios Pasvantis lives in Kavala, Northern Greece. Since 2004, Antonios has been documenting the migrants livelihood and the burst of the refugee crisis in Greece. For the past three years, Pasvantis has been working on a personal project about people living near the Greek-Turkish border. Works from "Sombre Caste" project have been exhibited in the Museum of Photography Thessaloniki, Athens Photo Festival/Young Greek Photographers 2006, European Parliament.

The Problem

Sombre Caste

This project aims to shed light on the developing of a new class of citizens emerged as an aftermath of the Greek crisis at the Turkish borders in the Evros region. This class has always existed. However, due to social unity and strong family bonding in Greek society, their status has never been recognized. 

The crisis in 2010 has transformed the middle class in Evros: most factories have shut down, leaving people without a reliable source of income. Time passed, and today it is abandoned and isolated land. The combination of financial issues with the refugee crisis left the region's future uncertain.