Shortlist 2020

Mohammad Baghal Asghari Baghmisheh

Mohammad Baghal Asghari Baghmisheh is a documentary photographer based in Iran. Mahammad focuses on humanitarian issues. He believes that a person's life holds great importance and worthy of exploring and documenting. Mohammad's goal is to make a change in humans life by raising awareness of human rights.

The Problem


Kurdistan region is bordering with Iraq. Its people have been placed in the "imposed" border and suffered significant damage during the Iran and Iraq war and local conflicts.

Some parts of Sarv Abad, Marivan and Oramanat are among such damaged areas.

Being located in an "imposed" border means infrequent commutations to the area and severe underdevelopment. All reasons above set the region's future in uncertainty.

The "imposed" border is a border around minor ethnicity, language, religion and culture different from the rest of the country. Such borders separate people of the same ethnicity from each other. As a result, people could be placed in different parts of the same country or even in another country.

International policies regulate the formation of such borders, but they only provide the conditions for conflict and turmoil.