Bloodbath on Bolivia

Shortlist 2020

Narciso Contreras

Narciso Contreras is an award-winning documentary photojournalist. His work focuses on contemporary issues such as conflict consequences and wars. Narciso's work captures the "visual memory" of the significant events he experiences first hand. Narciso's work gained worldwide recognition for documenting Syrian and Yemen wars, the Egyptian revolution. He was the first to document and draw attention to human trafficking and slavery in Libya.

The Conflict

Bloodbath on Bolivia

The crisis in Bolivia erupted after ex-president Evo Morales – the country's first indigenous president – was accused of manipulating the results of the October 20 polls to get re-elected for a fourth term.

On November 10, Evo Morales, after losing supporters from military and police, resigned. Jeanine Aez, the Senate's former deputy speaker, declared herself the interim president and called for new elections. Evos supporters led hundreds of thousands of people to set up blockades across the country, paralyzing infrastructure as they demanded Evos to return and Aez, self-proclaimed president, to resign.

On November 19, military and security forces broke up the blockades in El Alto, unleashing violent clashes as they opened fire on unarmed civilians. Demonstrations aftermath is 33 dead, 804 injured, 1511 arrested.