Dr. Pavlenko

Shortlist 2020

Ksenia Ivanova

Ksenia Ivanova is a documentary photographer from Saint-Petersburg. She focuses on cultural and national identity issues. Her work has been published in The NYT, The Washington Post and others. She cooperates with "Takie Dela".

The Compromise

Dr. Pavlenko

Andrei Pavlenko was a 39-year-old Russia's leading oncology surgeon. In March of 2018, Andrei was diagnosed with 3rd stage stomach cancer. 

After that, Pavlenko decided to draw attention to the problem of cancer aid in Russia by publicly releasing information regarding his treatment progress in the special project of "Takie Dela." Pavlenko's unique story, both as a patient and as an oncology surgeon allowed hundreds of thousands of oncology patients to be heard in Russia. 

In 2018, according to the data of the shared project of the World Health Organization and International Agency for Research on Cancer Globocan, Russia was among top-5 countries by deaths from cancer. Cancer identification often occurs too late: approximately 70% of patients diagnosed during the 3rd or 4th stages. To solve this problem, Dr. Pavlenko founded Charity Fund "CuncerFund" and the school of practical oncology to train young Russian surgeons for free. He held several speeches in the State Duma regarding the issues of the Russian health system.

In the period from March to September 2018, Pavlenko underwent eight chemotherapies and one stomach removal surgery. Andrei's wife Anna and their three children supported him all this time, and despite the long fight, Andrei died from cancer on January 5, 2020.