The Island of Crimea

Shortlist 2020

Stanislava Novgorodtseva

Stanislava is a documentary photographer from Moscow. She successfully graduated from The Rodchenko Moscow School Of Photography And Multimedia (course "Photo In Media"). Currently, she is a student at the School of Modern Photography "DocDocDoc" in Saint-Petersburg.

The Conflict

The Island of Crimea

When I was a child, Crimea always seemed like a sacred, apolitical place,  an island with distinctive mythology and traces of ancient civilizations. Here I saw the sea for the first time. In 1793, a land where different cultures and beliefs intersected became a part of the Russian Empire.

Crimea turned from Tsar residence to resort accessible to any soviet citizen in USSR. The peninsula became a part of Ukraine after USSR collapsed, and was incorporated into Russian territory in March 2014. Crimea happened to be in the centre of political disagreements.

The sense of isolation has been increased even more by sanctions and particular restrictions. Politics has invaded the world of childhood and local mythology.