Closing Wounds

Shortlist 2020

Omar Lucas

Omar Lucas is a documentary photographer who commits long-term projects throughout his home country of Peru, exploring issues such as human rights, environment and identity.

The Compromise

Closing Wounds

In 1980, the rebellious Shining Path declared war against the Peruvian state, which led to 20 years of extreme violence. During that time, the armed forces responded with a strategy that violated fundamental human rights.

Ayacucho, located in the Peruvian Andes, became the epicentre of the internal conflict. The military barracks known as Los Cabitos was transformed into a center of illegal detentions, where the military executed approximately more than 1000 people.  In 1985, to hide the evidence, the military constructed a furnace next to the barracks to burn bodies at night. Only in 2005, the Specialized Forensics Team (EFE in Spanish) of the Public Prosecutor's Office excavated the area and found 109 human remains. Since its beginning in 1983, mothers of the National Association of Kidnapped, Detained, and Disappeared Family Members of Peru (ANFASEP in Spanish) have fought for justice to bring the military officials that killed people to justice and uncover the truth. Between 1980 and 2000, it's estimated that 20,511 people disappeared in Peru.