Shortlist 2020

Vladimir Averin

Vladimir Averin was born in 1994 and lives in Moscow, Russia. Vladimir received a Master's Degree in Literary Theory and Teaching Literature. While studying contemporary culture and journalism, he began to work with visual storytelling as he started to photograph for various social and culture-related projects. In addition to photographic practice, Vladimir worked as a school teacher (Art, Literature and Creative Writing) for six years. Today, Averin is the head of a visual art studio for children and adults with autism.

The Compromise


Volunteers deeply care about people living in the Moscow psycho-neurological boarding house №23 (PNI is a Russian acronym), so they organized New Year's celebration. Most people in that place don't have families or friends to visit, and staff members usually see them as just the "receivers of social services." In Russia, the system of mental-health institutions is poorly organized. Any changes adapt slowly despite all reforming efforts. Such a celebration in a circle of friends-volunteers provides a rare opportunity to bring a glimpse of ordinary life in the institution where many of regular "joys of life" are simply unavailable.