Cage. Behind a life with anorexia

Shortlist 2020

David Arribas

David Arribas (1978) is a freelance documentary photographer based in Madrid, Spain. David is interested in anthropological-social reporting. He seeks to document life in the environments that David finds exciting and inspiring. Arribas is an amateur photographer and continually attending courses and seminars. He visited several masterclasses with various photographers such as Antonio Heredia, Manu Brabo, Antoine dAgata and Cristina Garcia Rodero. Currently, David is working on large projects related to social issues.

The Problem

Cage. Behind a life with anorexia

"If you're not thin, you're not attractive."

"Maintaining weight is the most important thing."

Anorexia is a mental illness where the person feels an acute fear of gaining weight or gaining weight, presenting abnormal behaviours in terms of diet, weight, volume and body silhouette, having a distorted view of reality and itself. Prolonged fasting produces other derived pathologies, such as osteopenia, epilepsy, jaundice, behavioural alterations, depression, anxiety and sometimes aggressive behaviour. According to Red Cross reports, 1 out of every 100 women, the vast majority of whom are teenagers, suffer from anorexia. Some cases are taken to the extreme, becoming a chronic disease, causing work, social and family dysfunctions. At the same time, during the illness and the recovery process, both those affected and those around them suffer intensely.