A Question of Honor

Shortlist 2020

Andreas Haubjerg Laura Bisgaard Krogh

Андреас Хобьерг и Лаура Бисгаард Крог, фотожурналисты из Орхуса и Копенгагена, Дания. Бакалавры фотожурналистики в Датской Школе Медиа и Журналистики. Используя визуальные приемы сторителлинга, они создают личные истории. Интересуются темами, связанными с правами человека и условиями жизни, фокусируясь на молодежи и самоидентификации.

The Problem

A Question of Honor

There is a home with no address somewhere on a deserted road in Jutland, Denmark. The authorities call the residence a Safehouse, even though it looks like any other house.

In reality, it is a secure residence with surveillance cameras and tinted windows. Its purpose – to protect a group of teenage girls from honour-related conflicts. Authorities define them as various forms of social control or a particular code of honour imposed on them by their families. Girls in these families are at risk of being sent on a re-education to a home country they've never been to; might be pressured into forced marriage or abusive punishments such in the form of incarcerating at home or even physical violence. In the most extreme cases, the consequences of such honour-related conflicts can be fatal.

These girls are in a tension-field between fear of negative social control at home and love for their family. At Safehouse, they attempt to create their own identity and trying to have an ordinary teenage life.