Consequence: Artefact

Shortlist 2020

Areg Balayan

Areg Balayan is a photographer based in Erevan, Armenia. As a freelance photographer, he worked with UN, UNIDO, YMCA, Armenia Fund, and LA-based USC Shoah Foundation. From 2009, Areg work as a staff photographer for the PAN Karabakh bureau. His photographs for PAN were published in several media, such as Reuters, Al Jazeera, Esquire Russia, and others.

The Conflict

Consequence: Artefact

This project offers an alternative framework for discussion regarding the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, one of the oldest and brutal ethnic conflicts in the post-Soviet space. While this conflict is usually addressed in the context of geopolitics and international law, we wanted to examine the traces it leaves behind.

Project co-creators: artist Edik Boghosian, photographer Areg Balayan and filmmaker Hrayr Sargsyan search for and select material evidence of this conflict to transform it into works of art - art installations, photo series, and a documentary film. This project opens up a dialogue about humanistic values as a reliable way of mutual understanding and coexistence. "Consequence: Artefact" is co-sponsored by the Peacebuilding through Capacity Enhancement and Civic Engagement initiative, funded by the European Union and implemented by EPF-Armenia, EPF-Azerbaijan through CRRC-Georgia and International Alert.