Vyatka Dandy

Shortlist 2019

Zhulanova Zhenya

Zhulanova Zhenya is a working photographer. She was born in the Perm region in 1986.

The Compromise

Vyatka Dandy

“Vyatka Dandy" or Viktor (72) is from Kirov, and he got his nickname for unique outfits.  He used to play the bayan in the House of Culture, had a passion for theatre and bright costumes. When he was forced to retire due to a disability, the entire city became his stage. Every morning, Viktor dresses in one of his "screaming" outfits (handmade) and heads out to parade through the main streets of Kirov. 

Viktor remembers that in the Soviet period, the state organizations used to control workers of cultural institutions. Therefore, in his free time, he allowed himself to wear just a cap and white shirt. One day, when he was riding his bicycle past a lumber yard, he got ambushed by several men and beaten to near death. He got hit in different parts of his body, but ambushers aimed for his face. To this day, Viktor wonders how he managed to survive. He got beaten because of his cap. 

"I remember that we were forbidden to wear bright clothes and told myself: that's it, now I'm going to dress in such a way, that even horses will turn their heads."