Yemen, the Forgotten War.

Shortlist 2019

Narciso Contreras

Narciso Contreras is an award-winning documentary photojournalist. His work focuses on contemporary issues such as conflict consequences and wars. Narciso's work captures the "visual memory" of the significant events he experiences first hand. Narciso's work gained worldwide recognition for documenting Syrian and Yemen wars, the Egyptian revolution. He was the first to document and draw attention to human trafficking and slavery in Libya.

The Conflict

Yemen, the Forgotten War.

After years of internal political instability that ended up in several violent confrontations, Yemen was involved into a civil war.  This local conflict, especially after the Ansar Allah rebellion took over the government, caught significant international attention. A coalition led by Saudi Arabia entered the war against the Houthi insurgency (Ansar Allah). A war that ended up in bloodiest intervention in its recent history. Being one of the poorest nations in the world, the country in the Arab peninsula struggle to survive. According to Peter Maurer, a member of the Red Cross International Committee, international humanitarian organizations have declared a state of emergency with nearly 1.4 million people internally displaced, 6000 killed,  and over 21 million in a desperate need of humanitarian assistance. Yemen is facing one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes. There is virtually no media coverage of this conflict; Yemen's war is not only a forgotten war but for many, an unknown war.