Wing Ambulance

Shortlist 2019

Elena Chernyshova

Elena Chernyshova is a Russian documentary photographer. As a self-taught photographer, she developed a passion for visual language during her studies in the architectural academy. In 2006 Elena resigned from her job. She had a trip in mind: she cycled from Toulouse to Vladivostok and back: 30,000 km, 26 countries, 1,004 days. Photography is a way to investigate the daily life of different groups and communities in the context of environmental, political, and economic changes. She received the WPP award in 2014. Elena's work was published in National Geographic, Geo, 6 Mois, Stern, Le Figaro and others.

The Compromise

Wing Ambulance

No roads, 209309 square kilometres of taiga, swamps and permafrost (an area equal to 2/3 like Germany), 16 000 inhabitants living in around 28 villages - this is a short overview of Turukhansk district located in the center of Russia. Helicopters are not only the one regular year-round way of commuting but the only way to get urgent medical help. More than 300 flights operate every year, and the state covers all expenses. However, these measures do not solve the problem of an increasing lack of paramedics in places.