In Search of Islands

Shortlist 2019

Oksana Yushko

Oksana Yushko is a Moscow based photographer and visual artist, currently focused on personal projects in Eastern Europe and the Baltic region. Her approach combines journalism, sociology, and anthropology, while her practise includes photography, video, and installations. Yushko was a winner of Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award Arles 2017, NPPA 2015, Prix Bayeux Calvados 2014, BURN Magazine 2013, Lens Culture 2011, Conscientious Portfolio Competition 2010, the Aftermath Project 2010. Her works have been exhibited in galleries and published by media across the world.

The Compromise

In Search of Islands

Moving from big cities to rural areas has become a reality for many. 

One of the main reasons behind this move is the rethinking of values. 

Many people have chosen to start a new life in the countryside, discovering volunteering, reviving national heritage and crafts, farming, working in greenhouses, and building eco-villages. They have their recipe to change the world; they try it out themselves; they look for new senses; they follow their dreams, and take small steps towards their goals. The river connects them all, like a mother taking them under her wing, like a road, a path to freedom. There is always a way out. People in big cities are eager for harmony, but very often the future is hidden behind the skyscrapers, the tires of cars driving by erasing the path. We can see the horizon here, says one of the characters. Counter urbanization, as a concept, is now widespread in many countries. In today's world, people can choose. They want to build their new world, and their search for their islands takes them to the Volga River.