Lithium: the driving force of the 21st century

Shortlist 2019

Matjaz Krivic

Matjaz Krivic is a documentary photographer who works on social and environmental issues around the world. For 20 years, he travelled worldwide, capturing stories of people and places. His personal and aesthetically moving style won him several prestigious awards, such as the World Press Photo award.

The Problem

Lithium: the driving force of the 21st century

Matjaz is following the tracks of a game-changing mineral. Batteries are catalysts of massive changes in our lives, both industrial and social. The boom of battery-driven cars, phones and robots are causing the market for its core component – lithium, to rise, creating a modern-day gold rush. The story follows the production chain of this rare mineral, from investment planing the U.S., to the mining in Bolivia; production of batteries and cars in China to Norway, leading the way to electrify all of its transportation. This story is about lithium and its impact on societies. Lithium has the potential to save our planet; however, the price might be too high.