Vera's Seasons

Shortlist 2019

Tatsiana Tkachova

Tatsiana Tkachova (30 y.o.) is a photographer born in Krasnopolye, Mogilev region, Belarus. She graduated from the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts with a Culturology degree. Tatsiana graduated from the Academy of documentary photography and journalism "Fotografika" in Saint-Petersburg in 2016. She has been photographing since 2015.

The Compromise

Vera's Seasons

A little girl, Vera Zenko from Volozhin, was running after the cart, in which nazis were transporting her pregnant mother. They took pity and threw her off the back of that cart. Vera is 91 now, she calls her life the "last seasons" and tells her biography through what is inside her wardrobe. Every dress is connected to a story, a memory. 

She has lived all her life here, and within that time multicultural Polish Volozhin became Soviet, and then Belarussian. Her four brothers and sisters were scattered all over Ukraine and Belarus. Vasil and Olga have passed away, just Nina and a younger sister Galina are still alive. Their parents were of peasant origin the mother worked the land, and the father was literate and worked in local authorities, as we would call them now. Vera stayed in her home town; she got married there, took her husband's name Perepecha, had three children, worked and brought up grandchildren.