Between Right and Shame

Shortlist 2019

Tatsiana Tkachova

Tatsiana Tkachova (30 y.o.) is a photographer born in Krasnopolye, Mogilev region, Belarus. She graduated from the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts with a Culturology degree. Tatsiana graduated from the Academy of documentary photography and journalism "Fotografika" in Saint-Petersburg in 2016. She has been photographing since 2015.

The Problem

Between Right and Shame

Two years ago, I found out that my mother had an abortion. I started to ask questions. Mom spoke unwillingly, almost whispering. Abortion is a taboo word for many in Belarus. They try either not to pronounce it or replace it with another word. Almost no one would share details or even acknowledge that she had such an experience. 

Abortion is not forbidden in Belarus, however out of every 100 births - 23.5 are abortions. Approximately 40% of women interrupt pregnancy for economic reasons.

"Between right and shame" is a story about women who had an abortion for different reasons. "Do not show my face; you can take a picture of my back." - One of the participant's condition. Almost no one wanted to show their faces. The abortion topic is not only about choosing whether to give birth or not, but it is about the relationship between man and woman. It is about womanhood in a Belarus community.