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Shortlist 2018

Darya Aslanyan

Darya Aslanyan has been a member of the Union of Photo artists of Russia since 2005, winner of the Young Photographers of Russia award in 2003,2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, as well as awards of photographic contests Direct Look, Photo Parade in Uglich and the Polar Perspective, finalist of the World Reportage Award 2018, Italy. She has participated in more than 20 group exhibitions, including The Young Man in the 21st Century (2015, Lithuania) and Marsciano Arte Giovani (Italy, 2016).

The Compromise

Light inside

Irina, a quiet, small woman, lives in a small town in Russia. She grew up in an orphanage, got married after graduation and bore her children. Her husband started to drink, became aggressive and at last they divorced. She worked, raised the kids, bought a small house. After coming to church once, she has tried to live according to the Gospel, which appeared to be her way out.  Then disaster struck: her younger son, Sasha, was hit by a car, got a severe head injury and fell into coma. 7 years old at the time, he lay motionless the next year. Irina has managed to teach him to speak again, hold things in his hands. She has cared for Sasha for 11 years now.  Recalling the accident, she repeats that Sasha fell right in front of the temple, under the icon of the Mother of God. To her it is symbolic - in Christianity martyrdom is a direct road to the Lord.