Ni una menos

Shortlist 2018

Karl Mancini

Karl Mancini is an Italian documentary photographer based in Rome and Buenos Aires. He studied photojournalism in NYat the ICP.He has worked in more than 90 countries focusing on issues such as gender violence (to which he is working on for 12 years) war aftermaths, minorities, human rights, migration. His longterm work 'Ni Una Menos' has been awarded with the most important international competitions and prizes.His works  have been exhibited worldwide.He regularly collaborates with international magazines, newspapers such as Newsweek,Stern,Geo,Vanity Fair,Spiegel,CNN among others
The Problem

Ni una menos

In Argentina feminicide, the killing of women, its a new category of crime recorded in the Criminal Code in 2012 and punished by life imprisonment. Despite the tightening of legislation, murders of women are growing more common in the country. According to statistics, a woman is killed every twenty eight hours. In the spring of 2015 a succession of atrocious crimes rippled across Argentina. It was then that the feminist collective "Ni Una Menos" was organized - a movement to protest violence towards women. Since 2015 this movement has had unprecedented success mobilizing the masses against gender violence. Its incredible results include most recently the 8th of March of 2018, when half a million women marched in Buenos Aires and millions in more than 50 countries all over the world.  Every year more women have joined the march to begin claiming their rights. The movement has spread to other Latin American countries, recently also to Europe and the USA.

When it comes to violence against women, police often reject statements, corruption is widespread and women can suffer domestic and psychological abuse for several years.  The movement fights against gender violence in its many aspects.  The green scarf worn by thousands of women in the country has become the symbol of the struggle for the right to their own bodies, not just during massive demonstrations but also in daily life.