The Blanket

Shortlist 2018

Angel Garcia

Angel Garcia is a photographer and photography coach. In 2007 he moved to Cambodia where he started making personal projects. Since 2013 he has covered the situation of immigrants in Europe. As a photographer he has been featured at various national and international exhibitions and screenings: Off-Visa Visa pour l'Image (2008), MasArt Gallery, Barcelona (2009), Festival Photo Phnom Penh etc. His work has appeared in various mass media. He received the first CLIC grant for young photojournalists of Catalonia (2007), a grant of the Photography and Journalism Workshop of Albarracin, Spain (2008) and a grant from CONCA (2009).

The Problem

The Blanket

In Barcelona’s expanding tourist economy street vendors become targets of racist demagoguery. This project traces the struggles of a street vendors union. Now and again throughout the day Barcelona’s tourist haunts are occupied by small-time merchants. West-African men stand behind knockoff football jerseys and D&G handbags. The street vendors union formed in response to a criminalization of their livelihood. In 2015 the government increased police pressure and toughened control over street trading, often employing police violence and racial profiling. The situation intensified after the death of Mor Sylla, a Senegalese street vendor in the resort town of Salou in August 2015. By working with the Popular Union of Street Vendors and community organizations the project seeks to counter the near-constant stream of misinformation and hearsay that uncritically cycles in both the political discourse and mainstream media’s accounts of street vendors’ life and work.