Splinters of broken silence

Shortlist 2017

Valery Melnikov

Valery Melnikov is an award-winning photojournalist from Russia. His work experience includes coverage of the Ukrainian conflict of 2014 to present; an uprising of Mali Republic in 2013; Syrian Civil war coverage in 2012-2015; Lebanese war in 2006; Infamous conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia in 2008. Now he is a staff photographer at Sputnik Agency. Valery has dedicated his life to journalism, and he continues to take pride in any project he is working on. With a great sense of urgency, Valery brings people together through incredible footage from the dangerous parts of the world, so people can see and become part of it.

The Conflict

Splinters of broken silence

Syria continues to sink in blood of own people, to collapse from explosions and attacks. Civil war goes four years.  According to UN figures, more than 250 thousand people were killed in military operations. Government forces confront militias belonging to various armed groups. The future of Syria and its citzens is still covered with a thick smoke of the next projectile.   Syria has turned into splinters. Splinters of broken silence.