Chukchi Boarding School

Shortlist 2017

Andrey Shapran

Andrey Shapran is a professional photographer, a member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia since 2002. He has lived and worked in Siberia, in the Far North and the Far East since 1992. He works on his documentary projects. Shapran is a participant and prize-winner of regional, Russian and international photo contests, festivals and exhibitions held in Russia and abroad.

The Conflict

Chukchi Boarding School

The history of boarding schools in the Far North is more than a decade. During the Soviet era, the children of reindeer herders and marine mammal hunters of Chukotka were placed in boarding schools, where children are isolated from the environment and in the absence of communication with relatives and friends, were forced to learn. The structure of Northern society that has existed for millennia have changed, and people - Chukchi, Eskimos, Evenki, too, has changed. The local people forgot their language, traditions, culture disappeared. This is a common occurrence on the territory of Chukotka. The second point is that Northern residents received education. But a small percentage of young people are now returning to their villages due to lack of work.