1. Direct Look International Photography Contest is a joint project of the Sakharov Center and FOTODOC Center for Documentary Photography.

Award Categories

2.1 The Problem

Issues, friction, disagreements or discord that arise within the society between individuals, and communities, civic institutions, and states.

2.2 The Conflict

The most heated methods of solving issues: disagreements or discord within society between individuals, civic institutions and the state. It manifests itself in parties acting against each other and is often accompanied by negative emotions that extend beyond existing norms and rules.

2.3 The Compromise

Conflict resolution through dialogue, social change or reform.

Eligibility and entrants

3.1 The contest is open to all photographers, professional and amateur, regardless of age, sex or nationality.

3.2 All photographs should be no older than 4 years old (2017 through 2021).

3.3 The submission and entry are free.

3.4 Each photographer may submit up to three photo series (reports) one per category. Each entry shall comprise no less than 5 and not exceed 15 images. All entry descriptions and image captions must be in English. The content of the project, specified at the description, should not be duplicated at image captions. Restriction on the number of characters: the project description should not contain more than 1100 characters, one space per word; image captions should not contain more than 500 characters, one space per word.

3.5 The organizers retain the right to make editorial corrections to the texts of the contest finalists before publishing shortlisted projects.

3.6 By signing the electronic registration form and submitting photos participants acknowledge and agree to the rules, terms and conditions of the contest.

3.7 Entries must comprise series of images representing reports, stories or long-term photography projects.

3.8 Digitally edited photos, as well as photos enhanced electronically or by any other means will not be allowed for submission.

3.9 The curators retain the right to refuse any entry if entrants do not meet our eligibility requirements.

3.10 The jury shall announce contest results and name award winners in October 2021 at the Sakharov Center during the opening ceremony of the final gala exhibition.

Copyright and rights of image use

4.1 Entrants must have sole ownership of copyright for all images.

4.2 Any work submitted to the contest may be used for promotion. The organizing committee acknowledges that the copyright of each image belongs to the photographer of the work, but no royalties will be payable to the photographer if the image is published in the media or exhibitions related to the contest. The contest will be judged using a ‘blind’ system in which the judges will not know the names of the participants. Those works published before the shortlist for the contest is announced will therefore be published anonymously.

4.3 Printed copies of images displayed at the final gala exhibition can be used by the Organizing Committee for future exhibition display and any other non-profit purpose for the popularization of the contest.

Submission Rules

5.1 Contest and final gala exhibition entries shall be selected in two stages.

5.2 Images must be submitted for preliminary consideration and Jury voting not later than 23:59 MSK, June 16, 2021, in digital format only.

- File type: .jpg image with compression at level 8 (at minimum);

- Width: exactly 1200 pixels on the long side of the image;

- File size: no larger than 400 Kb;

- Resolution: 72 dpi;

- Mode: black-and-white images – Grayscale or RGB, color images – RGB;

- Please fill out the Submission Form to apply;

5.3 Stage 2: Owners of the selected photographs will be contacted to submit a higher resolution of the chosen entries for the final assessment by the jury. These requirements serve to protect the rights of participants, limit replication of images and significantly facilitate the work of the organizing committee and jury.

We do not cover travel expenses and costs of accommodations in Moscow for contest participants.