Oil and Moss

Winners 2019

Igor Tereshkov

Igor Tereshkov, Moscow based artist and photographer (b.1989 Energodar). Study documentary photography and photojournalism, at School of Modern Photography Docdocdoc, in 2019 graduates course «Experiences of Contemporary Photography». Working in mixed media including documentary photography, experimenting with different photo process and mediums. Researching themes of environment, ecology and anthropocene. Tereshkov winner and been nominee of various world wide awards and competitions.
2 place
The Problem

Oil and Moss

Antonina Tevlina lives near Surgut, Russkinskaya village in Russia. Her family lives the same way as their ancestors did - nomads who shepherd reindeer on their territory of approximately 600 hectares. Recently they faced a growing problem - oil corporations settled on their land. They brought oil spills and water pollution, which led to the reduction of the reindeer population. About 1.5 million tons of oil spills into the environment yearly due to accidents during production and transportation. 

Approximately 50% of all oil production in Russia comes from KhMAO. Oil-rich areas are often located near the indigenous settlements or on their territory. There is a joke among oilman that the whole KhMAO territory is a large oil production zone.  

This series is shot on 35mm film. Before developing, the film was placed in the "oil bath" recovered from the spills in KhMAO. On the one hand, this method adds an organic and natural look to the images, on the other - oil started to destroy film coating. It started to enter depicted world itself, burning and fragmenting it in the same way as the oil spills distort the environment.