Rising From the Ashes of War

Shortlist 2019

Enayat Asadi

Enayat Asadi was born in 1981 in Bandar Abbas, Iran. His major is electrical engineering, but his real passion is photography. The power of photography is in the ability to share one's experience via imagery. Asadi's primary focus lays in different complex social issues such as human rights violation, discrimination, cheating, and poverty. He operates in the Middle East and documents local people and their experiences. His publications include working with UPI news agency in 2009, Getty agency published his documentary work about Afganistan. Enayat Asadi won the 2nd Istanbul Photo Award and had several solo and group exhibitions in Tehran.

The Conflict

Rising From the Ashes of War

Afganistan takes second place after Syria for the number of refugees – more than 1.3 million people had requested defection from Syria, Iraq, and Afganistan in 2015. Approximately 90,000 of them are children, and half of them immigrated alone. Enayat Asadi worked for two years in Iran documenting lives of refuges and dangers that they face: kidnapping, rape, plunder and death. There is a high probability of being arrested by border control. If captured, one may be sent back to Afganistan or the Syrian war. Some are trying to get to Greece or Turkey. Refuges are trying to survive and to obtain hope for the new peaceful life.