Tide Country, or, Lonely Side of Force

Shortlist 2019

Ritaban Ghosh

Based in Kolkata, India, Ritaban is mapping the trajectory of memory - loss and triumph that form a life narrative as one does not usually perceive. He works on different themes: environmental refugees, ethnographic conflicts, engineered qualitative contrast between traditional and alternative farming et al.; Ritaban is intrigued by human nature, its adaptivity and everchanging nature. 

The Problem

Tide Country, or, Lonely Side of Force

This work presents a portrait of five islands in India and Bangladesh, crossing the Ganges and the Meghna. The rising sea-level and disappearing islands have created a shared sense of disassociation, dislocation and alienation. Untethered from homeland by constantly mutating topographies at unpredictable intervals, the ecological refugees battle challenges to qualities of a soil profile, access to fresh water and basic standards of living. Limited access to resources that are rudimentary for disaster preparedness and adaptation and the questionable legal-political status of the female ecological refugee further exacerbates vulnerability. What will happen to the metropolis of Dhaka and the city of Kolkata when the final threshold yields? Amidst grasping fingers and distant pity, the land and its people are collapsing into each other, like the suicidal stars in time and space.