I am Rohingya

Shortlist 2019

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

The Conflict

I am Rohingya

Rohingya is a minor Muslim ethnic group who lived in Myanmar for centuries. However, due to the racism and many other socio-political issues among the majority in Myanmar, they were declared a stateless Bengali community who migrated to Myanmar from Bangladesh.Over one million Rohingyas live in Myanmar, and they are the most persecuted people in the world who were deprived of their land, human rights and citizenship. In recent years, the Myanmar Army started a silent genocide, forcing people to leave from their country.

Moreover, the system has been encouraging the Rohingya to enter Bangladesh illegally for a long time. The recent wave of violence in 2017 has pushed nearly a million Rohingyas to cross the border of Myanmar in search of safe refuge in Bangladesh. Many families have lost their beloved ones as many of them were murdered, raped, tortured due to the invasion of Myanmar Army.