Frozen Waves

Shortlist 2016

Dina Oganova

Georgian freelance documentary photographer based between Georgia and Ukraine and working on a long term projects in ex USSR countries.
In 2009 graduated Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University,Department of Economics and Business. In 2011 and 2013 received the Special Jury Prize at Kolga Tbilisi Photo.
In 2012 won her first Production Grant to Individual Photographers from Central Asia,The South Caucasus,Afghanistan,Mongolia and Pakistan and in the same year attend the workshop with Thomas Dworzak,Yuri Kozirev and Andrei Polikanov.
In 2013 was chosen among 12 young photographers to attend World Press Photo /Joop Swart Masterclass.
In 2014 was selected as best women photographers under the age of 30
(30 Under 30).
In 2015 from PDN was named among 30 best emerging photographers to watch.
Finalist at Wallis Annenberg Prize.
Works was exhibited in : France ,Italy,Spain,USA,Turkey,Poland,Germany,Sweden,Denmark,Lithuania,Bangladesh,India,Cambodia,Singapore,Ukraine and Georgia.
Won several grants from OSF and was a curator of various exhibitions.
Author of the first handmade Georgian limited edition(87) photo book “My Place”.

The Problem

Frozen Waves

All my childhood I was listening stories how some boy/man with friends were stealing a girl, to get a married after her. Sometimes girls didnt even know who will be their future husbands and they didnt have choice and decided to stay . It was a big shame to come back home after stealing. Everybody knows that you are not virgin anymore ,so who will marry you after that?! Family didnt wanted to get them back, because now you have a new owner. It was "normal" in 90ies to Georgia,but it's still continue somehow...