The sisters

Shortlist 2017

Yuri Pritisk

Yuri Pritisk  explores such areas of photography as psychological portrait and landscape, using the natural light sources. .Often, while shooting, author uses  self-made optical filters. In 2007-2016  Yuri Pritisk's works gained recognition in the professional community, were awordered at various contests. Also, they are published in the press and widely presented on WWW.

The Compromise

The sisters

The series of genre portraits shows two girls of 8 and 10 years. They are friends, who are not sisters by birth, but nevertheless consider themselves relatives. People around say  they are not sisters, but the girls do not agree with the opinion, they are united by their life, faith, friendship, and love. They've found common language, mutual understanding, emotional connection, and although they don't look alike, they feel and understand each other  like relatives do. Their primary power lies in that.