Shortlisted projects of the international photocontest Direct look 2018 are announced

Dear friends, we are glad to announce the shortlist of the Direct Look/18 contest! Many thanks to our great jury: Andrei Polikanov​, Svetlana Bachevanova​, Peter Bitzer​ Maria Mann​, Horacio Villalobos​ for their professionalism and incredible work. It was such a pleasure to observe the process!

Thanks to all protographers who participated in our contest, we are really happy that the number of submissions is steadily growing every year. And, of course, huge congratulations to the authors, whose projects were included to the shortlist! So...



«The Problem» nomination

Svetlana Bulatova "The Wasteland of Memory"
Angel Garcia "The Blanket"
Dan Giannopoulos "Chasing Violence in El Salvador"
Natela Grigalashvili "The Doukhobor Land"
Karl Mancini "Ni Una Menos"
Manel Quiros "Living in Solitude"
Antonio Aragon Renuncio "The Forgotten Souls of a Death Quarry"
Angelos Tzortzinis "Trapped"
Alexander Vasukovich "To Grow, Live and Die Like a Plant"
Marylise Vigneau "The Last of the Companeros"
Tatiana Vinogradova "Girls"

«The Conflict» nomination

Ezra Acayan "Duterte's War on Drugs is Not Over"
K. M. Asad "The Rohingya Exodus"
Suvra Kanti Das "Existence"
Sandra Hoyn "26 Days"
Karl Mancini "The Women of Artsakh "
Antonio Aragon Renuncio "Koglweogo. Defenders of Nature. Traditional Self-Defence Forces of Burkina Faso"
Federico Vespignani "La Distancia"

«The Compromise» nomination

Darya Aslanyan "The Light inside"
Mary Gelman "Svetlana"
Eduard Korniyenko "The Lords of the Guns"
Anastasia Rudenko "Useful Days"
Jens Schwarz  "Themmuns"
Sergei Stroitelev "The Connection"


You can find all shortlisted projects here:

Winners will be announced next week!

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