Direct Look photocontest 2017 winners announced!


The jury committee chose the winners

Direct Look photocontest-2017 winners announced!


The problem
1st place: Arnold Veber – Last Night I'm Done (Moscow, Russia)
2nd place: Fausto Podavini - Omo Change (Rome, Italy)
3d place: Ilya Pitalev - A Star and Magnolia (Moscow, Russia)

The conflict
1st place: Areg Balayan – MOB (Military Mobilization) (Armenia)
2nd place: Sadegh Souri - Waiting girls (Iran)
3d place: Stanislav Krupar - Battle of Sirte – (Prague, Czech Republic)

The compromisse
1st place: Antonio Aragon Renuncio - The Paradise of Forgotten Hearts (Spain)
2nd place: Yuri Pritisk — The sisters (Russia)
3d place: Bettina Flitner - Peace negotiations in Papua Neuguina (Germany)



The exibition will be held at Sakharov center in Moscow at the end of September.

You can find full winners projects here:

Thank you to all participants for your projects!

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FOTODOC Center for Documentary Photography at Sakharov center is pleased to announce our fourth annual international Direct Look photo contest.



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